The Mandela Day Initiative

What is 67 minutes to you? A looooong soak in the bath? Cleaning your house – vacuuming, dishes, dusting? The time it takes you to get ready for a night out?

Whatever it may be – for those participating in Mandela Day – 67 minutes means a whole lot more. In fact, it represents 67 years – the accumulative time Madiba has spent fighting for the rights of humanity! What an awesome concept!

Mandela Day became internationally recognised and officially adopted by the UN in 2009. What better way to celebrate the life of the inspirational being that is Nelson Mandela, than to take 67 minutes out of your day (on the 18th July – Madiba’s birthday!) to do something charitable in his honour, and to ensure his legacy continues forever?

“Mandela Day is a call to action for individuals โ€“ for people everywhere โ€“ to take responsibility for changing the world into a better place, one small step at a time, just as Mr Mandela did.”
(- from the website)

For more info and to see what participants have been up to – check out the website here I’ve seen on Facebook that loads of my friends have been getting involved, helping to build houses, clean-up neighborhoods, volunteering with kids etc – so wonderful to see people making a difference, so proud to know people who care!

Wish I had known about the initiative earlier but I kind of came to the party a bit late – the day is nearly over and I cannot think of a suitable charitable deed I can do for 67 minutes right now, BUT there is always tomorrow – your Mandela Day deed need not take place on this day alone!

I think this is the very point of it all – EVERY day should be a ‘Mandela Day’. We should always be trying to help, we should always be trying to inspire and create positive change. I’m going to think of something and will do it soon – what will you do? How can you make a change, big or small, to the life of someone/lives of people around you?

Something to think about isn’t it! On that final note: another happy birthday wish to the Big Guy (see tribute post here!), the world hearts you Madiba, thank you for the inspiration <3


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