Homesick for SA today…

“I am an African
Not because I was born there
But because my heart beats with Africa’s
I am an African
Not because my skin is black
But because my mind is engaged by Africa
I am an African
Not because I live on its soil
But because my soul is at home in Africa”
Wayne Visser

Someone mentioned the ‘FNB Anthem’ ad on Twitter this morning, so I quickly googled it, and oh boy, I’m feeling ‘the pull’ from Mama Africa in a bad way today! I want to go home!

‘The pull’ occurs eventually for every South African abroad – it may be a short burst of feeling, a pang of homesickness, a mere memory – it may last for months until you eventually do go back to visit, or even stay. I can’t say what it is exactly – it’s just a tug in your heart and you know what it means. But who wants to go back to all that crime, political tension and uncertainty right? Well, me – I do – I want to go back! Because beyond all the negatives and risks that blind us (outsiders and non-Saffa’s in particular) – there are more than a million positives!

What a beautiful and diverse country we come from, a country that has suffered years of pain and one that is now growing and transforming. Yes, there will be hiccups along the way. Yes, we still endure undeniable problems with security, racism, poverty and political upheaval. And yes, we have a long way to go… But still, think of all the good things: rolling green hills in the Natal Midlands, the mountain in Cape Town, the beaches, the rivers, the bustling cityscapes, the heartbeat of Jozi, the art and the music, the friends and family, the humour, the wildlife, the opportunities, the growing economy, the enterprise, the sport, the wine (!), the oddities, the complexities, the culture, the community, the support, THE HOPE of a nation… I have so much love for this beautiful place at the foot of Africa <3

Luckily for me, I have a trip booked out in September for my darling Hamdogalish’s wedding and to see our new little nephew for the first time – but in the meantime, if you are not in SA and if you understand ‘the pull’ that Im talking about – allow yourself to be a little homesick and remember Home for a while, there’s no place like it.

The FNB ad mentioned above… So sweet and simple…

Western Cape {image}

Drakensberg {image}

Jozie {image}

Beauty all around {image}

HOPE {image}


9 thoughts on “Homesick for SA today…

  1. Clint Jackson says:

    Well I have found that I do miss the familiarity of it every now and again. But I am still newly abroad. What did cause me a hiccup though was when I made my photo album my screen saver the other day and then photo’s of family and friends will scroll by plus all the beautiful places I have been. I will slowly but surely be putting those on FB! But yeah home will always be home! Well written!

    • Andrea says:

      Ah, photos from home are a killer! I have been away from SA for nearly 6 years so I think the novelty of life abroad is wearing off :) You enjoy it while it lasts though, it is fun to be ‘the foreigner’! Thanks Clint :)

  2. David Gardiner says:

    Well I am lucky enough to be in SA and honestly I can’t imagine living anywhere else. I was in England for a bit a few years ago and I was so glad to get home after it, something about the way people act that comes across as cold. Not five minutes back home in the airport and I was get friendly smiles from strangers. Yeah it has problems, but everywhere has problems, even if it’s as mundane as the crowded conditions of a big city, living there for a few years it’s going to get to you. So flawed as it may be there is far more keeping me here

  3. Wayne Visser says:

    Thanks for posting an extract from my poem. I’m glad the words resonate. FYI, the poem is now part of a collection called “I Am An African” and another photography book called “African Dream”. More info on my website under Books if you’re interested. Hamba kahle

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