Birthday Week Overview

WOW! How spoilt has the Bird been! I feel so loved (not that love is measured in presents, but still!) – here’s my haul after a wonderful Birthday ‘Week’ – I didn’t have anything amazingly special planned, but it turned out to be amazingly special thanks to everyone who made such an effort to message, call and see me :)  A great start to my 28th year! Hopefully this post will help to inspire you for the next time you go gift shopping (or making!) – enjoy x

FOOT HEAVEN: It all began with my first ever pedicure last Monday at FACE in EarlsVegas courtesy of my lovely friend Prudence – my scrubbed and massaged trotters were polished with some gorgeous Essie polish in Mink Muff (dire name, I know)… Definitely recommend a pedi at FACE if you live in the vicinity, the ladies there are great and you get to chill in a clean, relaxing environment while your feet are pampered and primped, and warmed in heated-padded boots. Lots of chick-fun!

Essie Polish in Mink Muff – super impressed with how long the polish has lasted, no chips and its nearly been 2 weeks! (Yes, I know, I have weird toes!)

BEAUTIFUL SOUP: I have been lusting after Le Creuset cookware for yonks now but have never quite gotten round to spoiling myself with anything yet. Thank you to my darling Lyndal for these stunning orange traditional soup bowls – they’re oven, microwave, grill, freezer and dishwasher safe and perfect for quick or slow-cooked soups and stews, plus look great when served straight from the oven to the table. Yay, yay, yay – kind of looking forward to winter now!

I’m imagining pea and ham soup, stilton and broccoli broth, slow cooked beef stew….Mmmmmm…

FLOWER POWER: I love flowers – they really are the perfect gift! Prudence spoilt me again with a lovely bunch of flowers when she got home from work on the big day, and to great joy, I returned home from dinner that night to find a ‘surprise orchid’ outside my door from my special friend Michbag (again, something that I have wanted for years but have never bought for myself). So pretty and a wonderful addition to the plants we already have in the kitchen. Happy Bird <3

Pink Orchids and purple Iris’s…

HEARTS, BIRDS & BOXES: Doiz and Strawberry May, you know me too well – thank you for these gorgeous little additions to my home decor <3

Stunning little heart shape dishes/trinket bowls, jewellery box and bird ornament to match one that I already have :)

GIRLS BEST FRIEND: Not diamonds – think Swarovski Chrystals. The gorgeous ‘Angelic’ ring to be exact. Gold-plated, stunning design and gift for me from Mom & Dad – well, they gave me the money and I bought it ;) LUST! If only it were real diamonds…

Couldn’t get a better picture of this because the chrystals are just too blinging! It really does look amazing in real life!

PAINT ME A PICTURE: This honestly has to be one of the most special and thoughtful gifts I have ever received. I have always been a fan of my friend Jubie’s artwork and she flabbergasted me by spoiling me with one her masterpieces, I LOVE IT and it’s already made itself at home above the kitchen table with all the other flowers ;) Thanks Jubes x


LAST BUT NOT LEAST: Hubby slash best friend bought me a bike a while ago as an early Birthday prezzie (a good thing really as I never would’ve survived London to Brighton on my old bike!) so I really wasn’t expecting anything from him on the big day, save for a hug and a kiss :) He surprised me just before bedtime with a one last present: a new helmet and gloves. Very impressed that he’d noted my recent gripes with my current gear ;) Thank you my darling, I love you x

No more crappy pink and red helmet, yay!

I must make mention of the wonderful visitors that we’ve had from SA this week – they didn’t come over especially for my Birthday, but their presence was a present in itself! The beautiful Lindsay May and her wonderful man Jono, and Prude’s little sister Tess, and brother Paddy too – so much fun having people to stay and been wonderful catching up and meeting new people that I’ve heard great things about. Safe travels <3


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