Teacups & Art

Meet Esther Coombs – she is the subject of today’s Thirstea Thursday post. Well, not really Esther herself, but mostly her art… Esther is an illustrator who lives and works in Hampshire – she draws pretty pictures on to teacups and saucers amongst other things, and has been featured in loads of publications for her truly unique and innovative way of re-purposing discarded ceramics.

Esther:Β “It is both the physical and narrative qualities of my work β€” I find vintage pieces and rewrite their stories by adding my own with my illustrations, my main aim is to transform lost gems into new, desirable items.” (from her website)

Taking something old and turning it into something new, dont we all wish we had that ability – LOVE IT! Take a look at some of her work…

Love this cup ‘n saucer with an illustrated teabag and bourbon biscuit! {image}

a mixture of architecture and florals feature heavily in Esther’s art{image}

gorgeous duo {image}

mix n match cake stand {image}

high rise jug {image}

another stunning cake stand {image}

Esther Coombs {image}

Esther: “I began illustrating discarded ceramics about two years ago, and I have found people want objects in their home that, in addition to being beautiful, are useful and have a story. The cake stands are a particularly pretty way of giving a new lease on life to unwanted crockery.” (from her website)

To read more about Esther, visit her website.
To lay your hands on some of her artworks, visit her esty shop or check online for other stockists.


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