Clever Bird Foodery

Introducing Clever Bird Foodery – a 2nd blog by The Bird!

(Another food blog – I know, just what the blogosphere needs, right!)

I started Foodery because I noticed that my original blog (this one that you’re reading now!) was becoming increasingly more food-oriented than I had originally intended. I am developing more of an interest in cooking and baking as I grow older, and where better to share my adventures than among friends who will hopefully pick up some inspirations or interesting tidbits along the way…

On Foodery, I plan to record random foodie thoughts, recipes for new finds and for ‘old faithfuls’, food inspiration, indecent (food) obsessions and everything/anything else food-related…Watch this space! I hope you will follow and enjoy x

Sign up for Foodery emails by filling in your email address on the right hand side of the page where it says: “Sign up for Foodery emails” and recipes, inspiration and more will be delivered directly to you inbox :)



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