Mildred’s Restaurant, Soho

I haven’t been to a restaurant outside of my area code for a while, so venturing into Soho on a Friday night was quite an exciting event for The Bird! Prudence, PB, Doi, Power, hubby and I navigated the side alleys and streets lined with drinkers, making our way to a little vegetarian restaurant called Mildred’s that Prudence had sampled recently and has been raving about since. 

What a treat! They don’t take bookings so you kind of just have to rock up and wait for a table if it’s busy – not too unpleasant with a glass of red in hand, and a seat on the pavement al fresco style. After about 45 minutes we were ushered inside and to our amusment seated at a table which had a seat/bench on one side that was covered in ostrich leather! (Funny seeing that the place is vegetarian… but perhaps it is of the pleather variety and not real…)

The boys were quite skeptical about what they were going to eat but we all managed to find something on the meat-free menu that looked enticing. I went for the asparagus, mint, pea, leek and stilton risotto cake served with wilted spinach, green beans and grape mustard cream sauce. It was AMAZE!  Hubby had a Vegie Burrito – also delish. Doi and Power shared a Sri Lankan Curry and a Mushroom and Ale Pie between them, while Prudence and PB also went for a curry and an Asian Stir Fry to share. All the food was nicely presented, of decent portion size, tasty, cost effective (approx  £10 per main each) and of course, deliciously different – most of us agreed that we didnt miss ‘meat’ as part of  the dinner at all. 

Pudding was attempted by the girls (yes, Power counts as a girl because he wanted pudding) and we shared a slice of Pistachio Cheesecake (WOW!) and a slab of Sticky Toffee Pudding (not as WOW! as the cheesecake, a bit dry, but delicious toffee sauce)…

It should be noted that the Mildred’s organic house red is also amazing! Potentially too many glasses consumed…

Unfortunately it was too dark for me to take any of my own pics, but have found some on the net to give you a taster of our Mildred’s experience…

Mildred’s – 45 Lexington Street, London , W1F 9AN (image) 

burrito filled with black turtle beans, corn and red pepper topped with tomato lime salsa, guacamole, smoked cheddar and sour cream served with leaf salad £10,25 (image)

sri lankan sweet potato and cashew nut curry served with yellow basmati rice with peas and tomato sambal £9.95 (image)

Sollatio Rosso Sicilia – organic house red – “medium bodied and brimming with spicy black fruit flavour” – YUM. £15.9o per bottle.

Thanks to all for the prelude to Birthday Week – London summer’s really are magical x


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