Creative Tea

Clever teas, packaging and tea accessories x

Cute Hanger Tea-Shirts by designer Soon Mo Kang (image)

Love this origami bird teabag packaging concept by Natalia Ponomareva (image)

DropStop stainless steel tea strainer – such a clever all-in-one solution! (image)

For all the Beatle fans out there – a Yellow Submarine tea strainer – psychadelic baby! (image)

Awesome SharkY tea infuser by Pablo Matteoda (image)

Tbag – it is wot it duz! Tea bag by Felix Reinki (image)

Tea Sticks – clever for those who dont make their tea in a kitchen: gardeners, builders and campers etc (image)

One for the designers – colour match your tea! Cute! (image)

Old school diver tea strainer complete with oxygen tank! (image)

Arta Tea Infuser and Saucer – novel and functional (image)

Another cute birdie strainer by Tea Matter in the States, with it’s own drip tray and sound! (image)

How about a notch in your tea cup to wrap your teabag string around!? (image)

Teabag Penguin – times and lifts the bag out for you! WOW! (image)


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