Matcha Follow-Up

After last week’s ThirsTea Thursday post on Matcha, the lovely people from Tea Pigs sent me a sample to try for myself (THANK YOU!) This green ‘gold’ is made from 100% natural, organic ground green tea leaves and is abundant with health benefits…

Here’s a pic of the banana-apple-pineapple-matcha smoothie I made myself as a mid-afternoon snack/treat today! YUM, YUM!

Let me just remind you of the benefits of approx 1g of match or 3/4 teaspoon drunk neat or added to a smoothie, milk or water:

– 137 times the anti-oxidents of a cup of green tea
– 70 times the anti-oxidents of orange juice
– super slimming – it boosts your metabolism by 30-40%
– contains theophylline and theannine – a dynamic duo that  act together to give a our bodies an energy boost lasting 3 – 6 hours while helping you remain calm and focused
– it may act protectively against heart disease

There are loads of recipes and ideas for how to use Matcha on the Tea Pigs website and online.

Don’t know about the rest of you, but The Bird will definitely be making a purchase soon – like, now!

If you are interested, Tea Pigs have also sent me a DISCOUNT CODE FOR 20% OFF your first online order of matcha from their website: Happy shopping!


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