Olympics Tickets Update

(image source)

If, like The Bird, you were one of the many poor unfortunate souls who didn’t get ANY tickets during the first round of ticket sales for the Olympic Games (thanks guys, great work!), here is the dealio…

We’ve been “invited” to “take advantage of an exclusive opportunity to purchase some of the remaining tickets, in advance {GASP} of those customers who were allocated tickets in the initial application phase” – thanks, you really shouldn’t have!

So, between 6am on 24 June until 6pm on 3 July 2011 we get first dibs on the sloppy seconds, listed here {download and/or print this PDF} SO EXCITED by the awesome choices left. Not.

Jokes aside, I would love to watch the Dressage or Synchro but I’m quite skeptical about my chances of actually getting any tickets. Ya, ya – be positive and all thatΒ  – but really, what are my chances? According to reports, the majority of those who applied and those who will re-apply WILL miss out. Of the tickets that are left, very few are in the cheaper range and there are very few available for the more desirable events…

I know the vibe around London is going to be amazing in any case, but how cool would it be to say to your kids one day that you actually watched a real life Olympic event?! Please don’t kill my dreams organiser-people, I’m already gutted that I’m not going to see the Opening Ceremony… Just throw me a bone and let me watch some pretty ponies m’kay?


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