13 Things I love

Inspired by a random meme (#13thingsilove) on twitter… 13 Things I Love:

1. my husband slash best friend

2. my family

3. true friends, the ones who’ve stuck by me through good and bad

4. my mac – come on, it had to feature high up on the list!

5. cupcakes – in case anyone who reads my blog didnt notice!

6. poodles… well, all dogs really…

7. flowers – every and any (hint hint)…

8. teacups and teapots – I collect.

9. art, design, craft – buying, collecting, doing, making!

10. movies – despite our 42″ screen TV at home, nothing beats the REAL big screen.

11. poetry by ee cummings – i carry your heart with me, i carry it in my heart <3

12. travel and adventure, learning new things about the world and it’s amazing people…

and last but not least, number 13: LIFE – despite all the ups and downs, isnt it just great!?


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