Foodies Festival, Hampton Court

Hubby & I had a fab time at the Foodies Festival near Hampton Court Palace this morning. Came away with some delicious recipe ideas and great products! Some of our awesome finds included:

CHAN CHAM – spicy, healthy and completely yummy cook-in sauces. We purchased a bottle of the Scotch Bonnet & Black Pepper sauce. Cute branding.

Cotswold Gold – rapeseed oil from the Cotswolds. We were there a few weeks ago and saw all the beautiful canola flowers in bloom, literally fields of gold. Its healthy and different and delicious; we bought the smokey, rosemary and chili infused oil. Amaze.

Ms. Cupcake – OMG, died and gone to heaven! At the advice of the lovely gentleman at the stall, I opted to try out the Ferrero Rocher chocolate cupcake. Holy schmoses it was insane! Have a look on Ms Cupcakes website to see the other 70-odd amazing flavours they do in their Brixton based bakery. One word: GORGEous.

Some more piccies from our day out…

Beeeg Paella

Cheese, Glorious Cheese

More cheese.

Mojito anyone?

Burger and chips. I mean Churros!

Riverside scene…

Great day out x


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