Film: Life In A Day

I somehow managed to drag myself out of bed yesterday with a hangover so epic it felt like I was developing what would have probably been a great plot for The Hangover: Part 3…

Hubby slash best friend and I had agreed to meet our mates Doizy and Power at 9.30am (I know, right?) to catch a special preview (courtesy of SeeFilmFirst) of the incredible YouTube/Scott Free production, Life in a Day which hits the Big Screen in a couple of weeks. This is the story of one day on earth.

This amazing documentary project is basically a montage of user-filmed life experiences from the 24 July 2010 and from that day only, spliced together to create a collection of captivating stories. The complete film is just under 95 minutes long and includes scenes from 4,500 hours of footage in 80,000 submissions from 140 countries!

I laughed and cried my way through this. I know hangover emotions were high but regardless of what blood alcohol-levels you are still thinning out, if do not appreciate this film,ย  then I’m sorry, but you are not human!

It’s a simple fly-on-the-wall examination of different people, different cultures and different lifestyles. I can’t say it has one specific message because I think it’s a case of how you as a viewer connect with it and what you yourself draw from it, but there are so many interesting moments… Some very moving, some that mean little at all, but also some that inspire, some that repulse, and some that depress the hell out of you – all smooshed together they create a special, humbling and most certainly thought-provoking movie experience… Add in some excellent editing and an awesome soundtrack and YouTube have a winner.

GO. AND. SEE. IT. Can’t praise it enough.

For more info:


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