Nice things in jars…

The Bird has been collecting glass jars for a while now (old sauce/jame jars etc) and needed some inspiration on what to do with them – thought I would share my findings… These ideas are great as gifts and/or to make any party/celebration just that much more special! Links under each image to instructions on how to create these amazeballs jar treats – cannot wait to try some of these myself!

(South Africans – Consol jars would be amazing for most of these ideas…)

Red Velvet Cupcake In A Jar – amaze! have to make these. SOON.

Pancake Mix Gift Jar

Herb infused vodka – thinking the mint must be amazing…

Cowgirl Cookies – cookie mix in a jar, how cute for a gift?

Mocha Cocoa in a jar – mmmmmm

Scented Sugar – geranium, rose, orange and lemon or vanilla flavours!

Ice Cream in a jar – awesome for a summer party!

Cocktail in a jar – need I say more…


4 thoughts on “Nice things in jars…

  1. Meg Pascoe says:

    Babe, when we open up, I might as well have a big note that dedicates the deli to you. AMAZING finds!!!


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