Live Below The Line

Some of you may have already heard about this amazing fundraising campaign – I came across it via a post on FB, trying to imagine what living off £1 a day must be like… Hec-tic…

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From the Live Below The Line website:

Live Below the Line is an incredible new awareness and fundraising campaign that’s making a huge difference in the fight against extreme poverty.

Quite simply, it allows thousands of people in the Global North to better understand the daily challenges faced by those trapped in the cycle of extreme poverty, and builds a movement of passionate people willing and able to make a meaningful difference for those who need it most.

The week of Live Below the Line is a week like no other. From 2-6 May, thousands of people across the UK will spend just £1 each day on food, and use their daily experiences to bring extreme poverty to the centre of conversation in homes and workplaces. We’ll all be challenged, we’ll struggle without caffeine, and have a faint feeling of being not quite full for the whole week. We’ll pool money with housemates, colleagues or family to make that one pound stretch just a little further…

We’ll do all of this because whilst we choose to struggle to Live Below the Line for one week, there are 1.4 billion people who have no choice other than to do it every day.

Think about that figure – 1.4 BILLION – that’s over 20 times the population of the UK – living every day to live in the most abject poverty.

“It’s not that bad,” you might say – “£1 goes a lot further in developing countries”. – Unfortunately not. The £1 figure represents the amount someone living in extreme poverty in the UK would have to live on.

And for people who live in extreme poverty that £1 has to cover far more than food and drink – we’re talking everything – health, housing, transport, food, education… It’s impossible to imagine, but it’s the incomprehensible reality for an incredible number of people.

Gandhi said that “Poverty is the worst form of violence” – and we couldn’t agree more. But it can be so hard to know how best to respond. That’s where Live Below the Line comes in – so join us today.


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