Biscuiteers! (Royal Wedding)

Oh my soul, The Bird LOVES this stunning Royal Wedding themed biscuit tin + hand crafted vanilla iced biccies made by Biscuiteers!

Someone was doing some sneaky personal printing at work today and I found these pics by the printer – checked it out online et voila! If you have a pretty penny to spend you can buy this delicious limited edition treat here (from Not On The Hightstreet dot com) for a mere (erk!) £39.50… (Its not actually a ball-breaker if you consider the work and love that goes into making these – an awesome gift really, HINT HINT!)

Also from Biscuiteers – LOVE LOVE LOVE these – “I love you” biscuit letters – an edible love note, what could be better!?

More amazing artworks below – check out their site for other yummy inspiration and gift ideas!

(all images courtesy of Not On The High Street / Biscuiteers)

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