Grey’s Anatomy does a ‘Glee’

After taking myself on a date last night to check out Limitless at the movies (review here), I indulged in some hard core me-time and caught up with some of my favourite TV shows, streamed off the net…

Well, well, well – the most recent episode of  Greys was certainly an interesting one! I know the UK airing of the show is a bit behind the US so I’ll try to discuss this without giving too much of the storyline away – but basically they have done a sing-a-long Glee-esque type thing which has been dubbed the “Musical Event” by the yanks. It is musical. It is an event for sure, but does it work?

Negative ghostrider. As much as I love Grey’s, I have to admit that this episode was pretty much a phenomenal fail :(

Song-shredding included renditions of: Breathe, How We Operate, Wait, Running on Sunshine, Universe & U, How To Save A Life (recycled from the first series of Grey’s interestingly) and Wait.

The ones they didn’t totally cock up were Chasing Cars (another recycled Grey’s number, I actually loved this one but think that might also be because it was our wedding song and is one of my all time favourites) and The Story – both were sung at appropriate times (so they worked) and by the only female on the Grey’s cast who can actually sing: Dr Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez in real life – she has a really stunning voice, Im IN LOVE with this song now!)

Anyway – ever the Grey’s fan, I would never discourage anyone from actually watching this (the underlying story is sweet and sad and epic all at once) just dont let the singing distract you from some great moments like Meredith’s confession, the evolving relationship of Mark & Arizona and Alex’s “Seattle Grace Mercy Death” comment… There are some gems to be discovered yet!

For anyone interested, here is a sneak peak a la YouTube…


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