Friday, Im in love…

Today, these are the things that I LOVE…

1. the fact that it is Friday, and thus – the weekend!

2. the cool fresh air blasting over me through my open sash window while I work

3. coffee (decaff – traitorous, I know) and of course, my new favourite, RedEspresso

4. the daffodils my dad bought on Monday that have blossomed so beautifully

5. the extra hour of light we are getting each evening – all hail daylight savings!

6. old school Linkin Park now playing off my iPod

7. Dropbox (this is the geek in me – it’s just really making my life more manageable at the moment!)

8. all the exciting things happening to my friends right now: engagements, weddings, babies <3

9. my new book Water for Elephants (check out this related post)

10. my iPhone – its official, I’m addicted

AND THIS, it has always been one of my all-time favourites (bummer about the advert ruining the beginning, thanks YouTube):


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