Book: The Story of Edgar Sawtelle

Oprah told me to read this. I shit you not. She leaned out of the TV during a re-run a while ago and said “YOU. HAVE. TO. READ. THIS!”

Naturally I listened. There is no wonder as to why Op’s selected this for her 2008 Book Club list – it’s a captivating story of companionship, communication and murder mystery…Throw in a couple of canines and we have a winner!

Written by American author David Wroblewski, the story follows the development of a fictitious breed of dog and the extremes endured by the mute Edgar Sawtelle who communicates only through sign with his family and dogs. Edgar’s dad is murdered and after a string of other dramatic incidents, Edgar runs away from home on an epic sojourn, returning eventually to try and confront his fathers murderer…

Would love to see this as a film…

Gripping, interesting and heart-warming, The Bird loved this <3

(Oprah’s always right!)


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