BOS Ice Tea & Red Espresso

During an unexpected last-minute trip to SA this past week (and an unplanned break from blogging, sarrrrr) I made two deliciously stunning discoveries at my favourite shop and tea garden on the Midlands Meander, Things We Love… I know neither of these products are ‘new’ on the market but they are still worth a mention!

1. BOS – a range of SA-produced rooibos-based iced tea products infused with delicious fruit flavours… LOVE the packaging design, LOVE the flavours, LOVE their website: (not always a fan of animated sites but this really works and looks stunning!)

2. Red Espresso – a delicious 100% Rooibos tea innovation enjoyed and prepared as an espresso/latte/cappuccino or ice tea drink. Naturally caffeine-free and loaded with antioxidants – this is an awesome alternative to coffee for those trying to wean themselves off caffeine! More here:

Not sure if either of these are available in the UK, but they should be! AMA-zing mmmmmmmmmm!

UPDATE: available in the UK HERE


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