2012 Olympics Tickets

Anyone interested in applying for Olympics tickets, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to apply (lifted straight from the official 2012 website) – The Bird’s application for Opening Ceremony tickets has just been confirmed, fingers crossed we get them – now we wait…
Applications open from today until 11.59pm on 26 April 2011…

Tickets for the London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games will be sold via an application process. For sessions where demand for tickets exceeds supply, London 2012 will use an automated and random selection process (‘ballot’) to ensure the fairest possible distribution and allocation of tickets on a session-by-session basis.

Please read this step by step guide before you start the application process.

Please note that applications for tickets to the Olympic Games are open now, and applications for tickets to the Paralympic Games open on 9 September 2011.

1. Create an account

You will need a ticketing account before you can apply for tickets. Registering is a quick and easy process which will only take a few minutes to complete. Create an account now. You can search events and prices without signing in or creating an account; however, an account is required when you are ready to create a ticket application. You may only submit one application per email address and Visa card so please consider your Games experience carefully.

2. Search

Start your search to decide which sports, in which venues, and on which dates, you would like to attend. You can choose from one or more of the drop-down menus.

3. Select sessions

Select the session or sessions which you would like to apply for. There is often more than one session taking place within a day for a sport. You can only select a maximum of 20 sessions per application so please consider your selections carefully.Medal winners will be decided and/or the medals awarded at a victory ceremony during some sessions. Look out for this symbol when you are searching sessions:

Medals awarded Medals awarded

4. Special prices

Special prices are available for young people aged 16 and under at 27 July 2012, who will ‘pay their age’ for a ticket. You will be asked to specify the age of each young person at 27 July 2012 in order to calculate the cost of their ticket. For example, if a child is aged 12 at 27 July 2012 the cost of their ticket will be £12.

Special prices are also available for seniors aged 60 and over at 27 July 2012, who will pay £16 for their ticket.

Special prices for young people and seniors are available in more than 220 sessions, Look out for this symbol when you are searching sessions:

Special prices Special prices

5. Select number and type of tickets

Select the number of tickets you would like to apply for and the type of tickets you would like. There are ticket limits for each session which will be clearly shown.

6. Increase your chances

For some sessions you will be able to choose higher and/or lower price categories to increase your chances of obtaining tickets to the session, in the event that your preferred price category is not available. If you indicate that you will accept a higher or lower price, a higher price will be considered your second option. If tickets aren’t available at a higher price, then you may be allocated tickets at a lower price if they are available.

7. Online verification

When you select your first session, you will be required to complete an online verification to enable us to protect our site from automated programmes. You will only need to do this once during each application window, when you select the first session you would like to apply for.

8. Summary and merchandise

Continue to search for additional sessions, if required, or proceed to a summary of your ticket application. You can also select items of merchandise to add to your application at this stage.

9. Delivery and payment

Confirm your delivery details and enter your Visa card details. We are proud to accept only Visa (debit, credit or prepaid products) on this website. If you do not have a Visa card, the easiest way to obtain one is to contact your bank who will be able to help you select and apply for a Visa product which best suits your needs. Alternatively, a Visa prepaid product (including a Visa Virtual card) is a quick and easy way to start paying with Visa. Please visit the Visa website for more information.

10. Submit

Once you are happy with your application and no further changes are required, press the Submit button.

11. Process payment

We will verify your Visa card number is accurate and, once this process is complete, a ticket application reference number will be provided. Write this reference number down and keep it safe – you will need this number if you have to contact Ticketing Customer Services, for example. No charges to your Visa card will be applied at this time.

12. Withdraw application

If you decide you no longer want your application to be processed or you need to add or remove sessions, you can withdraw your application (between 15 March and 11.59pm on 26 April 2011 only) and, if required, create a new application and re-submit. To withdraw your application, please go to Manage your profile. Caution! Once you withdraw your application it will no longer be valid so please think carefully before you do so.

Don’t be fooled by bogus websites and organisations claiming to sell tickets to the Games. To check whether a website is an official sales channel use our website checker.


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