This is EPIC! (competition)

I recently heard this story about friend of a friend who won this crazy competition held by ZigZag surf mag in SA, to basically travel the world for a year and write about his surfing experience for the magazine (yes, some of you know who Im talking about!) – thought this was the most incredible opportunity I had heard of and was green with jealousy (not that The Bird can surf or anything!) – it just sounded AMA-Zing! Almost too good to be true!

A few days later, I get an email announcing another (unrelated) competition of a similar ilk from Epic World Travel, who are “looking for a young dynamic go getter” to travel the world for a year promoting their website/service via social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and You Tube… SAY WHAT?! Yip, you heard correctly – how awesome does that sound?! Starting in London and traveling the globe for 1 year – the winner will cover 6 continents, 31 countries and 57 cities.

Only really EPIC people need apply! Unfortunately this Bird does not fly solo (couldn’t do without hubby slash best friend for a whole year) so I wont be entering, but thought I would share the EPICNESS of it all with you!

If you are keen and between 18 and 32, here’s how to enter:

  1. Text the word ‘epic’ to 60777 (UK, if you are outside the UK please read below) with your name and email address to receive an application code
  2. From April 1st start uploading your 3 minute video and 500 words on why you should win ‘My Epic Year’. REMEMBER September 30th is the deadline for new entries.
  3. Get your mates to vote for you!

More info at

EPIC, I tell you!


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