Lady Bonin’s Tea Caravan

Yo Capetonians! Fellow Rhodent and tea-lover, Jess Bonin (aka Lady Bonin), is the brain child behind the stunning Lady Bonin’s Tea Caravan: a mobile caravan that trades in a variety of loose-leaf tea, often found at markets in and around Cape Town…

I haven’t had the good fortune to experience this for myself yet, but from the pictures and info I’ve seen, it looks AMAZY!

Enjoy a cuppa (hot/iced) while relaxing on boho-chic seating outside the van, or take away some packaged tea to make your own home brew, bru! Lady Bonin’s Tea can also be found in a number of fine establishments across SA – see online for more deets.

For more info on the caravans whereabouts and the awesome range of teas available, check out the website, and keep up to date with Lady Bonin and her adventures on Facebook or Twitter (@Lady_Bonin) x

Pictures: by Padraic O’Meara from the Lady Bonin website

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