iPad 2

The unveiling of the iPad 2 in San Fran today (+ surprise appearance by Steve Jobs) has got techies all over the world gagging. As much as I try to convince myself that Im quite happy with my ‘old school’ Macbook Pro and my new iPhone 4 (“why would I need an iPad anyway”), I cant help lusting after it…

So what’s all the hype about then?

According to some on Twitter,  it’s apparently twenty times more absorbent than other sanitary pads on the market…

Jokes aside: in true Apple style, its a pretty good looking piece of ass, but other than slight design differences, what has changed since iPad numero uno… According to Apple:

– from day one, it’s available in both black and white
– it’s 33 percent thinner and up to 15 percent lighter (thinner than the iPhone 4 apparently, which is pretty impressive)
– it has super improved graphics performance for all you gamers out there
– it’s much faster, with some fancy chip that The Bird will refrain from mentioning (Im not that much of a geek…)
– it sports not one, but two cameras for various functions including Face-Time, oh yeah! (I can see some interesting things happening here…)

Also unveiled, the iPad 2’s main accessory: the iPad Smart Cover – multi-functional with a variety of colours to choose from. Not only does it add a bit of colour to the mix, but it’s specially designed magnetics ‘wake’ and ‘sleep’ the device in an instant. It also bends and folds to create a functional stand for typing or viewing… The Bird especially likes the (PRODUCT) RED version (why not be charitable to others while you are being ‘charitable’ to yourself)!

Rumour has it that it will launch in the UK towards the end of March (apparently from the 25th), and will be retailing from about £429 for 16GB Wi-Fi iPad 2 and £529 for 16GB Wi-Fi + 3G iPad 2 – dont quote me!

For more info on this little beauty, google it – the tinternet is already littered with reviews and opinions on this little guy despite it’s very recent ‘birth’. And then there is always the Apple website
So if anyone is thinking of buying The Bird a present – hint hint – my birthday is on the 4th of July – you know what I want! ;)
(Pic credit: all from the Apple website)
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