My Favourite Random Brekkie

In the effort to become a healthier human in 2011, I have been trying to eat better – trying to inject more “fresh”, and more “organic” into my diet, less chocolate (thats not really happening) – and have become obsessed with what I call my “nutseedbutter” morning toast :) Its really simple and I cant claim I’m some amazing chef on this one or anything, but check it out…

If you are into peanut butter (check); mixed seeds (check); and bread (check – who isnt), then chances are you will like this…

TO MAKE: 1. Toast bread 2. Spread peanut butter 3. Sprinkle with seed 4. Smash in your face…

Note: I use “low fat” white malted bread but reckon this would work with any – especially an already-seed-infused loaf mmmmm… Also, pictured, I have just used sunflower and pumpkin seeds, but I sometimes also include sesame and ground linseed (you can use anything you want really!)

YUMMY – and suitably healthy – also quick, cheap and very filling!

Enjoy x


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