Rockett St George Rocks!

Okay, I’ma let you in on a li’l secret… I’m actually seriously hesitant to share this with everyone because everything is so pretty and amazy, I just want to keep it all to myself (Magpie Bird!) BUT here goes (before I change my mind) 3 words: Rockett St George

First stumbled across them when I was throwing together a wedding in 7 weeks (yes mine, yes 7 weeks!) and bought some gorgeous little feathered birdie decorations from them. Have been receiving emails ever since and have been inspired by, and lustful of, all their gorgeous stuff… This is hands-down one of my favourite sites for online shopping in the UK – unique and eclectic homeware, gifts, contemporary art, jewellery etc.

Anyone who has been to our house here in London will know the giant black & cream wooden “love is all you need” and “all you need is love” signs in the bedroom and lounge – these were purchased from Rockett St George as a wedding present from a close friend and I just LOVE them!

Great for gifts, great for treating number 1 – stunning for home decor decoration (if you are particularly crafty, you will find ample inspiration here)…

Go! Shop now! Free Delivery on all UK Ordersย at ends tomorrow (Tuesday, 22 Feb) at midnight! (Use theย  discount code VIP on the checkout page.)


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