Mahala – free ek se!

Attention fellow South Africans!

A friend recently introduced me to Mahala – South Africa’s independent music, culture and reality magazine – Check. It. Out. Cool design, awesome content – telling it like it is – and best of all, it’s free!

Quoted from their site: Mahala is a free South African music, culture and reality magazine that strives to report and represent what’s really happening along the fault line and in the trenches of South African culture. Mahala is home to challenging and incisive political and social commentary and strong, fearless opinions. We promote freedom of thought and expression. We’re available online, on your mobile and in print. We’ll always be free, gratis and Mahala. Because you deserve quality information, opinion and entertainment for free!

Seeing that Im in the UK, I survive on weekly email-shots alone, but all those in the Mother Land with an ounce of depth and interest in SA life, should sign up here for copy of the Mahala print magazine every quarter. Again, “for free, gratis and Mahala”…

Do it. Go!


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