Movie: Never Let Me Go

Ok, whoa! I was totally expecting a RomCom without the Com when I sat down to watch this – Kiera, Carey, it was a given – and I know I never bother to read the write-ups before any movie I go to a movie (preferring to judge on my own steam), but I was not expecting the haunting ethics-questioning tale that unfolded.

This movie was seriously weird. Amazingly, disturbingly and sadly weird – but excellent. There were subtle allusions to the fact that something was not quite right – words used here and there, little motions – but so subtle that you dont really question whats going on at first… The story begins, depicting the seemingly idyllic childhood of three children (Tommy, Ruth and Kathy) at a boarding school called Hailsham, later revealing that these kids have basically been ‘manufactured’ and brought up to be used as ‘donors’. As in organ donors. Enter ethics! The worst part, is that they have been brought up to expect ‘completion’ (AKA death!) and they all seem relatively okay with this fact…

Parallel to the pseudo-Sci-Fi-ness of it all, is a love story – a love triangle to be exact – Ruth loves Tommy loves Kathy… It’s punctuated with jealousy, rage and regret and left me with a completely eery feeling about life and the world we live in…

After Ruth and Tommy have ‘completed’, Kathy is left alone (with her ‘donations’ due to begin 2 weeks later) contemplating her childhood and whether her fate is really any different from the people who will receive her organs… “after all, we all complete”.

I was really confused by the fact that they never just ran away?! It’s not like they were chained to the walls or locked-up – but guess that sense of acceptance was so drilled into them, I dont know…

Like I said, totally WEIRD – reminiscent of that other movie The Island – but very good and definitely worth watching! If anyone is interested, its based on a novel of the same name by Japanese-born British author Kazuo Ishiguro, which I hear is also very good and slightly different to the movie. (Wish I had known about the book and read it first, they are always better than the movies!)

Enjoy x


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