TV: Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars

Dont know if I should be publically voicing my obsession with this series but it has suckeed me in! Completed watching Season 1 this week (I streamed it, as far as I know it’s not on TV yet) and despit the fact that it’s utter BS I couldnt stop watching it…

The basics: Allie, the leader of a popular high school posse, disappears mysteriously and a year later to the day, her four remaining friends start recieving anonymous and threatening texts, emails, notes etc signed “A”. This mystery person clearly knows all their secrets and weaknesses, but who is it! Allie’s body has been found and now the cops are also on the hunt for her killer – thinking her friends know more than they are letting on. 

The mystery of it all is intwined with with student-teacher romances, lesbian encounters, sibling rivalry, weight-issues and sprinkled with a blind-girls vendetta and a shady boy’s insecurity…

It’s kind of like Gossip Girl but younger, poorer and more age-inapropriate! It also has that Lost feel, like it’s never going to end – they obviously cant expose “A” anytime soon – but people, it’s worth the suspense. This is definitely one for the ladies, not sure if it’s going to be loved by the boys, but, like I said, once you are hooked, you are hooked! Enjoy x


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