Egyptian Riot Gear

It’s hard not to make light of recent happenings around the world when you see images like this! Got this in an email from a friend yesterday and thought it was worth a post in celebration of Egypt’s historic day yesterday! Unfortunately I cant take credit for the commentry myself, but do enjoy!

Protective Gear worn during recent upheaval in Egypt

Classic  1979 Tri-Bottle Rag Helmet – a must in any type of combat.

Late 80’s Box-Hat – the guy next to him not quite sure about it’s effectiveness…

Rennaisance Period piece of Brickwear teamed with black and cream scarf. Textbook.

Not sure the tuna sarmie he’s about to lob is going to cause much destruction… Old Skool 80’s Bucket Helmet – I personally love the fact that he has to lift it up to see, does he spend the rest of the time walking into things?!

Textbook Saucepan and Life-Jacket combo.

I literally have no idea what this is…

The Winner! This chap is going to war with two baguettes strapped to his ears and a ham salad roll sellotaped to his forehead! I’d definitely want to stand behind him if someone was lobbing bricks at us…


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