iPhone 4 – review by The Bird

I know this is not exactly hot off the press, but the iPhone 4 is pretty rad! Have been lusting after one for ages (particularly because of the amazing Hipstamatic app you can get) and finally my contract came up for renewal on the 23 Jan…

Despite how long it took for me to actually get the thing from t-Mobile (who obviously believe in marketing and selling products but not actually stocking them), it was definitely worth the wait!

Things I love <3

– Apps OBVIOUSLY, who doesnt – there really is an app for everything.
– It looks pretty hot, lets not kid ourselves…
– Touchscreen not as iffy as I thought it was going to be – I do make a few more typos than normal but if that is the price you pay for awesomeness, so be it.
– The tinternet is sooooo much better than it was on my BB (sarr…)
– True to Apple style – its all pretty straightforward and simple to navigate/use.

Things I no-love

– Couldn’t easily transfer my contacts from my old sim to my new one (you get a new sim with an iPhone..) – painstakingly had to manually type them all in. Okay, Im sure there was an easier way that that BUT operative word in this point ‘easily’ and none of the other pseudo-solutions would have really been easy enough.
– I miss the flashing red light :( The one thing I loved about my old BB was that I didnt even have to pick up my phone or un-lock it to see that there was some sort of message awaiting my attention. iPhone has to be clicked, slid, un-locked before I can even see if there is a precious jewel of a message there…
– My BB messages also used to come through in real time where as these only come through according to your push notification settings (lowest of which 15 minutes) – times a wasting Sonny!
– Battery life of death. ‘Nuff said. Everyone knows that it sucks so I wont elaborate. Another price to pay for technological beauty.

My fav apps so far…

– Photography: Hipstamatic, Instagram, PS Express, Gorillacam
– Social Media: Facebook, Echophon (Twitter), LinkedIn, Skype, WhatsApp, Gmail, WorPress
– Everyday Useful: Around Me (amenities suggestion according to your location), Red Laser (price comparison a la barcode scanner), iTorch (for when you drop your keys in the dark!), TubeMap
– Shopping/Booking online: eBay, Amazon, Cineworld, TopTable
– News: BBC
– Entertainment: TED Mobile, Solitaire, Kindle


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